We provide a promise to provide you with a no-obligation hassle free complimentary quote for your project.  We take estimates very seriously because a couple of thousand dollars could win or lose the bid for us.  We like listen to what your goals are for your paint project and then make suggestions and develop a bid that meets those needs. 
We consider ourselves a high quality company and only want to provide our clients with high quality service, products, and results.  We ensure to use the best product for your project and scope of work you want completed on your property.  Our crews are clean cut, courteous, and leave a site cleaner than when started.  We use the best application methods when performing the project to ensure quality results.


We will take the time to answer any questions you have about your paint project.  We do not just want to be a vendor that hands you a bid and walks away.  We want to make sure you are comfortable with us and our process.  The more comfortable and educated you are on the process the better your feel.  Some commonly asked questions are:
  • What paint color would look best
  • How long will it last 
  • Which paint line should we use
  • How long will the project take to complete
  • If I buy the paint will your price be cheaper
  • How many coats do I need
  • What is your application process
  • Etc.  

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A&F places your happiness as one of our top priorities.  We values all of their customers and make it a point to ensure all our customers are satisfied upon project completion.    We understand their are many places you can take your business so when we earn client we want to retain them for the long-haul.  We have some key factors with customer service besides our guarantee of you satisfaction such as:
  • We have sales agents and project managers that will answer the phone immediately or as soon as possible.  We try to respond to all clients within a 24 hour period or sooner.
  • We train everyone from the C-Level Executives to a newly hired employee to listen to you.  We have found by understanding your goals, needs, concerns, etc. we can have a better understanding on how to serve you and make the project as streamline as possible.
  • A&F has many years of experience in the field and understand you cannot make everyone happy all the time, but we sure do try.  If a tenant, resident, client, customer, etc. have a complaint we try and deal with those over anything else we have going on in the company.  We are not afraid of dealing with complaints and know it is part of being in a service business.  We always say don't judge a business by all their satisfied customers, but judge them on how the handled the dissatisfied customers.
  • Our staff goes through a training process which teaches them to understand our goals as a company, how to help a clients or who to direct them to contact, or just to make sure they are being kind to all of your customers and creating the least inconvenience as possible.
  • A&F will always try to go and above and beyond our clients' expectations.  Even after job completion our staff is always available to help out or answer questions.

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